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Facebook is a social media site which connects millions of people around the world. It is free to create the facebook account and a user can do a plethora of tasks after creating his/her profile on Facebook, can connect to the friends and family members if they have a facebook profile. You can upload your pics, any video, share a link which could be video. Facebook can be accessed using desktop, laptop, smartphones, tabs. The prerequisite to access the facebook is you should have the network connectivity.

If you have a facebook account and you need to log into your account but the facebook is not accepting the password that you are entering, now, all you need to do is Facebook Password Recovery, to recover the password go through following steps:

  • Go to facebook account.
  • Click on the Forgotten account which is present beneath the Password field.
  • The next page asks you to enter email ID or mobile number and then, click on Search
  • If you enter the email ID, a link is sent to the email ID. You need to enter the email ID which you used to open facebook account with.
  • Open the email ID in the next tab.
  • Reset the password for Facebook Password Recovery. While resetting the password, avoid making the password that contains the name of you, your family member, spouse or pet as these are easy to guess or any easy to guess terminologies or words.
  • When you reset the password, the facebook asks you to log out from all other devices. It is safe to log out from all other devices. Click on the option which recommends you to log out from other devices.
  • Now, log in using the new password.

You can also do the Facebook Password Reset using Android devices by following methods:

  • Tap on the Facebook app.
  • Enter the facebook login details: the username and the password, enter the password which you know. However, Facebook will deny the password as it is wrong but enter it.
  • As you enter the password, and click on Login button, on the next page it prompts to deny the password, in this page only, you can see a “Forgotten account?” message.
  • Click on the Forgotten account and from the next page follow the procedure for Facebook Password Reset. Follow steps 5 through 8 of resetting the password using PC.

The following are facebook issues which a Facebook user may face:

  • Unable to log into the facebook account.
  • The user signed up with the mobile number and now unable to log in.
  • Facebook is not loading up.
  • Need to reset the password every time you log in.
  • Unable to receive the email to reset the password.
  • User receives an email promoting that user requested the new password, however, in reality, user did not make the request.
  • User is resetting the password again and again, but unable to do it anymore as the user reached a password reset limit.
  • Facebook prompts incorrect password every time user logs into the facebook.
  • Seeing an error message “Invalid code” or “Invalid link” while trying to reset the password.
  • An error message prompting that user email account has been removed.
  • Another error message asking user to log in after user logs into the account.
  • A message prompted to user saying Facebook will be back soon when user tries to log into the account.

If a user feels the need to create the facebook account, the user can do it in following way:

  • Go to official website of Facebook.
  • Enter the name, email, mobile number etc.
  • Click on Sign up.

Your Facebook account has been created. Once you create the account, multiple anonymous requests are sent to you, and many unknown people may message you, Facebook has paid attention to the user needs and has given facility to block such users, you can block any Facebook user in following ways:

  • On your facebook profile, click on the downward arrow icon, which is present at the top right corner of the facebook page.
  • Click on the Settings option.
  • On the next page, in the left corner, click on Blocking.
  • Enter the username, a list of user with the same name appears, now, click on the Block button.
  • The user gets blocked forever. The blocked user is unable to look at your profile and unable to send the message.

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